2011 Wine & Cheese

October 30th, 2011 | Posted by Swim Gators Webmaster in Social Activites

The Wine & Cheese event was a great success. Swimmers and friends brought some delicious food, wine and other drinks. After socializing and eating, Ralph, the club’s president, welcomed everyone and thanked Phil and Anne for opening their home to us.

Ralph gave a brief overview of what is happening and introduced the executive members and coaches.

Taina, the club’s vice-president, talked about the Pentathlon and introduced the sign up sheets. Make sure to to get a hold of them (one blue folder and one red folder)  and place your name in a category.

Martina, the club’s swimmers’ liaison, talked about the website, pointed out the club’s business cards which are good for one free swim for a friend and mentioned the upcoming meet in Etobicoke and the Focus Meet, the Provincials in March 2012.

Brian, the club’s treasurer, opted not to talk officially and Kelly, the club’s secretary, was unable to attend.

Coach Stephen talked about Coach Judie’s accomplishment  and her acceptance into the Hall of Excellence.

Ralph presented Judie on behalf of the club a Lifetime Membership at the North York Gators. Judie thanked us all and gave us a “history lesson” in regards to our club and her involvement.

Taina found the Bunny Gator and handed it over to Margaret Stuart for her enthusiastic and inspiring personality.

The swimmers and friends continued to have a good time and later the winner of the game was announced.  5 of the participants had to do the chicken dance to the humming of the others. All participants were very good and so the luck of the draw was the deciding factor. Ralph did win the big basked of candies, which he had to share with all the others who were still enjoying the evening.

In all it was a great evening out, super food and drinks and most of all excellent company.

Thank you Phil and Anne for hosting this event.

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