Wes Musial, Head Coach

Wes, at the Gators' Annual Cottage Day, August 2017

Wes, at the Gators’ Annual Cottage Day, August 2017

Wes Musial is the head coach of the North York Gators and a competitive swimmer. Born and raised in Warsaw, Poland, Wes was a member of the Polish National swim team from 1974 to 1977. Wes left Poland to come to Canada in 1990 and has been competing as a masters’ swimmer since 1996. He as broken 10 world records and over 50 Canadian records; at the FINA World Masters Swimming Championships in 2002 he won gold in the 200m backstroke, and successfully defended that title in 2004, 2006 and 2008. In 2010, he won silver in the event, and then in 2012 won gold again, for a grand total of 5 gold medals to date. He’s also medalled at Masters Swimming Canadian Championships and the Ontario Masters Swimming Championships.

As a masters’ coach, Wes enjoys working with swimmers to help them swim faster, and overall progress in the sport. He has successfully coached numerous swimmers who have broken several Canadian records and won medals at FINA.

In 2013, MSC recognized Wes’ talent as a coach by awarding him the Excellence in Coaching Award. The award recognizes that:

Wes receiving the MSC Excellence in Coaching Award, 2013

Wes receiving the MSC Excellence in Coaching Award, 2013

A great coach inspires, advises, challenges and helps each swimmer achieve their personal goals. Masters Swimming clubs across the country depend on the hundreds of dedicated coaches who invest significant time, energy and enthusiasm to do just that. The Excellence in Coaching award recognizes the coach who stands out in this exceptional crowd. The recipient of this prestigious award:

  • Has significant Club and individual accomplishments
  • Is a long term contributor to Masters Swimming
  • Presents a positive image of coaching and the role of a coach
  • Demonstrates concern for the all-round development of the athlete
  • Demonstrates integrity and responsibility while coaching

In addition to being a talented swimmer and coach, Wes is an electrical engineer; he earned a Masters in Electrical Engineering from the Warsaw University of Technology, and taught biomechanics there for 5 years, and then public-school physics for 1 year. Here in Canada he has studied at Ryerson University and has worked in the IT industry for 21 years. When not in the pool or working, Wes enjoys exploring the Canadian outdoors.