Executive Meeting Minutes – March 2013

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Present: Ralph Rieper, Taina Wilson, Brian McFarlane, Martina Brankovsky, Steve Forsey, Judie Oliver, Heather Bruce
Regrets: None
Registration Status
74 Members – 92.5% Full
Early Group – 35 Registered – Full
Late Group – 33 Registered
Sunday Group- 6 Registered
Coaches Reports & Discussions
Coaching Plan:
A detailed coaching plan was distributed to the Executive Committee.  It was very thorough and well laid out for the entire year.  It was suggested that the plan could be little less detailed when presenting it to the team and should be done so in September. Next season will include Worlds being in Montreal in July and the needs of the team and the way the season will run will be slightly different.  The difficulties of creating a plan for an entire team of people with differing goals was discussed and that a plan needs to be flexible as the year progresses taking into account pool closures etc.
Provincial Coaching Cost Proposal
Steve handed in his cost proposal to attend the upcoming provincials in London.  The EC’s final decision for approval is pending.
Deck Coats
Steve is dealing with Jennifer at OMNI.  The coats are being ordered, there has been some difficulty finding 3 small deck coats.  NYMAC Swim Team will be printed on the back of the jacket, Gators logo will be on the front for a total cost of $120.00.  People who have ordered the jackets will be notified and charged for the cost of the jacket.
Swimming 101
Steve will be taking a course through Swim Canada on the Fundamentals of Coaching.  It will be for three days, April 5, 6, 7 and it will be in Uxbridge.
March Break Work Outs
Steve has arranged for the Provincial team to swim on Tuesday, March 12 with the Thornhill Masters Team.  Otherwise, swimmers are encouraged to get in the pool during the break and swim a 800-1000 warm up, 400-500 speed set, a main set involving some 100’s and 200’s and a cool down.
President’s Report
AGM 2013 & Executive Positions
Ralph discussed the upcoming AGM and that some members of the team have been indicating their interest in putting their names forward for a position on the Executive Committee.  All positions are open on the Executive and members are encouraged to consider running.
A time limit for serving on the Executive Committee was discussed.  More people may consider participating on the Committee if they knew that there was a pre-determined length of time that they were to serve.  Also, continually having new people on the Executive would provide fresh insight to issues, directions to take the team, etc.
Motion made by Taina: Members of the Executive can only serve two terms maximum in one position on the Executive Committee.  This motion was seconded by Martina. This motion requires a by-law change, to be written by Ralph and approved by the Executive.  It will then be voted on by the members at the AGM in June.
Douglas Snow Time Clock
A new time clock is on order for Douglas Snow.  The staff at Snow will not take responsibility for loss or damage to our time clock if we were to leave it on site.  It was discussed that we could chain it to something in the equipment room to try to ensure it is safe for the week when not in use.
Kim Silk is willing to act as our Web Master for our website.  Thank you Kim! It is strongly recommended that she has a partner for this job.  She has forwarded a sample of what our website would look like.
Vice President’s Report
Nothing to Report
Treasurer’s Report
A profit will be made this year of $1000.00 – $2000.00 all thanks to the Scotia Bank contribution.  Also our fee revenue is up from last year.
Summer Swim
AY Jackson is going to be too expensive to swim at this summer due to increased caretaking fees.  Bendale Pool is the less expensive option.  A permit request has been submitted for Bendale for July and August for 8 – 9:15 pm.
2013/2014 Season Fees
AY Jackson is increasing their permit fees by $1500.00.  MSO fees are going to increase by $5.00.  It was discussed whether registration fees need to be increased, decision to be determined.
Swimmer’s Liaison Report
Nutrition Seminar
The Nutrition Seminar, facilitated by Jennifer Sygo was attended by 19 people.  She presented very useful, practical information for Masters athletes.  Martina received excellent feedback from the attendees.
Saturday Swim
When Sabrina is not coaching on a Saturday, swimmers would like to be notified in advance.  Ralph will contact Sabrina to ask her if she is interested in coaching again in the fall.
Special Committee Report
Swimmer’s Brunch
The brunch at Novotel was a success!  Thank you to Adrienne for organizing.
Ski Day
Thank you to Margaret and Ian for hosting a cross-country ski day at their chalet.  It was a beautiful day and fun was had by all!
Next Meeting: April 14, 2013

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