Former Olympian Hosts Gator Seminar

August 28th, 2012 | Posted by Swim Gators Webmaster in Seminars

While it is easy to be in high spirits when things are going well – how do we deal with defeat or when things are not going well for you?

Jason Dorland experienced this situation first hand in front of a global television audience while rowing at the Olympics in Seoul where the Canadian rowing team finished last. What now?

While at first burying his defeat in work-outs he learned his lesson and used this painful event to turn things around. Best of all – Jason shares his story and knowledge with others. He is an accomplish speaker and has traveled around the world to teach others.

It gets better – we contacted Jason and talked to him. He has great passion for athletes like us Gators and he has agreed to speak to us!!

When: Sunday October 28st, 2012 at 11:30am. – after our regular Sunday our work-out.
Where: Shops at Don Mills – 8 Sampson Mews Suite 201 – lots of free parking available.
Cost: $20 per person (This is a very, very generous offer)

Spots for this amazing talk will be handled on a first come – first served,  so sign up fast as seating is limited.

Jason will also bring his book along. If you are interested in buying an autographed copy, please let me know – so that Jason can bring enough copies along.For more information, check out the links below:

Please give me a call should you be interest in taking part. Martina 416-443-9575

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