Gator News Update – Dec 19, 2013

December 19th, 2013 | Posted by Swim Gators Webmaster in Gator-only Notices


2013 is coming to an end and we are heading into a new year.  This year was full of great successes for our team.  We saw many best times and fast races at Provincials in London and at Nationals in Nepean.  Remember that lonnnng day at the All Out meet?  It was fun but it was the never-ending meet that went into the night!  A group of swimmers went to Israel to compete at the Maccabiah games.  In addition to our monthly pub nights we had many fun social gatherings including a bike ride, ski day, a cottage visit, the annual wine and cheese party and a brunch at Novotel, just to name a few.  Our Pentathlon was hugely successful thanks to all of us coming together and truly working as a team.  We thanked the former Executive committee and welcomed in a new one.  Saturday swims were fantastic, we learned so much about swimming efficiently in the water.  Finally,  Judie celebrated many successes in the swimming world and Steve was recognized for 25 years of coaching.

As we head into 2014 what are you wanting to accomplish?  Do you want to work on fitness, better eating habits, increasing speed in the water?  Do you want to compete at a meet?  Do you want to build your endurance?  It will be a big year for masters swimming with the World Championships being nearby in Montreal.  Also, Provincials and Nationals are close by in Windsor.

Whatever your hopes are for your swimming, I have a couple of items that may help you get there……


Competing at a meet is not hard at all.  You dive off a block a few times, swim for a minute or two and then you are done.  The hard part is walking out your door and showing up at practice and doing exactly what the coach wants you to do.  Whether it is to make a set in a certain amount of time, following through on stroke correction advice or just working hard.  We swim for hours and hours throughout the weeks, months, years.  Going to a meet reflects all that hard work.  You may discover after competing at a meet, that you need to work  on streamlining off the wall, or that you need quicken your reaction time off the blocks or you want to speed up your turns.  Maybe after a race you will think, I have to commit to the kick sets at workout and then at the next meet I can see how I will race with a stronger, faster kick.

We are starting Saturday swims again with Steve Forsey as the primary coach.   Within this time there will be lessons on all four strokes, video taping with immediate feedback, and starts and turns work.  There will also be a fitness and endurance building component.  With this year being a Worlds year, it has been recognized that  it is important to fine tune all of the above topics.  However, these swims are still open to the beginner swimmer and to triathletes who want to build up their yardage.  All interested swimmers are welcome.

DATES: January 11 – April 5 (no swimming on March 15 and March 29)
TIME: 9:15-10:45 am
WHO CAN JOIN?  Anyone! You don’t have to be a Gator.  But if you are not on a team you will have to pay the MSO fee of $35.00
HOW MUCH?: $120.00
WHERE?  AY Jackson Pool

Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like to reserve a spot for this valuable time in the pool.  Spaces are limited.


I will be hosting a workshop at my house in a few weeks…..

Post-Holiday Detox

Feeling stuffed after all those holiday treats? This workshop is for you! Join Karen Gilman, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, to discuss foods that cleanse the system – and how to cook with them. Easy-to-implement dietary changes can help improve energy levels, boost the immune system, reduce fatigue and improve concentration. These simple detox tips will help get your body back in balance so you can compete with confidence.

You’ll sample some high-energy snacks and take home the recipes.

Date: Sunday January 12 at 10:00 am
Cost:  $20
Location: 245 Wanless Ave (Mt. Pleasant/Lawrence)
RSVP: – space is limited

Karen Gilman, Holistic Nutritionist – I am a graduate of The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where I received a diploma in Natural Nutrition. Dedicated to healthy eating for more than 25 years, I am passionate about helping others eat well and love what they eat.   I have a wealth of knowledge about plant based diets, food preparation and balanced nutrition. Most recently I worked at North America’s largest natural foods company and before that in a variety of senior marketing positions in the packaged goods and foodservice industries. I am also a certified food handler and a member of the Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals. I am currently working at Pinewood Natural Health Centre.  Please visit my website at or Facebook page at

Karen Gilman
Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Choose Food That’s Nutritious and Delicious!


Feel free to forward this email to anybody who may be interested in swimming on Saturdays or the Nutrition workshop, they are both open to anyone who is interested.

Swimming continues at Douglas Snow throughout the break.  Tonight is the last AY Jackson swim until January 7.  Stay active and healthy throughout the break.  Happy Holidays!

All the best,

Heather Bruce
Swimmer’s Liaison

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