Gator News Update: Feb 6 2014

February 6th, 2014 | Posted by Swim Gators Webmaster in Gator-only Notices


Wow, what a winter!  But all that snow is good for a……


Thank you to Margaret, Ian and Elissa for hosting a ski day on FEBRUARY 14, 2014.   Cross country skiing will take place at Margaret and Ian’s chalet and downhill skiing will happen at Osler with Elissa as your host.  Don’t have downhill skis but really want to go?  You can rent the equipment for $40.00 at the facility.  Elissa must know the numbers of people interested in attending by next Tuesday, February 11.  Please rsvp and if you require more details, email Elissa:  <>.  Thank you!

Don’t let the cold and snow keep you away from your goals in the pool.  You need to keep up the training for…..


The Burlington swim meet was sold out well before the meet entry deadline.  A wait list grew to 50 people quickly after the meet filled.  Way to go Dan, he was quick with the registration and got in to the meet.  Go Gator!  The Milton meet in March has been CANCELLED.   Therefore, the next swim event is Provincials and it is a focus meet, meaning a coach from our team will be there.  Currently there are 100 people (3 Gators) registered for Provincials, avoid disappointment and register now.  If transportation to Windsor is concerning you, please contact me.  If you need help with your registration, Judie and Steve are happy to assist you.  The 3 Gators who have registered are staying at the host hotel, The Waterfront Hotel, in downtown Windsor.  At last check they had about 19 rooms left at the discounted price.  Please contact me with your plans for Provincials so that we can see where everyone is staying, how they are getting there and create relays.  If you have room in your car, let me know so I can tag along – just kidding – maybe someone really wants to go to Windsor but can’t get there, if you are willing to carpool, I would like to know.

If you want to compete but a little voice inside you says, “I am too scared!”  “I can’t!”  “I am terrible at racing!”  You need to listen to a…..


So much of any sport is the mental game.  We are SO lucky to have a sports psychologist come to Douglas Snow, right after our Sunday swims to do a series of workshops for us to get us ready for Nationals and Worlds.  He strongly recommends that you attend all three workshops in order to progress, reflect and learn from each one.  If you absolutely cannot come to all three but are interested in one or two, that’s okay.   Contact me if you are interested.  Save the dates…….

DATES: April 13, April 27, May 11
COST: $40.00 in total, for all three workshops
TIME & LOCATION: 9:45-10:45 Douglas Snow
  • Workshop #1: Self awareness, Reflection and Goal Setting
  • Workshop #2: Focus, Distraction Control, Self Talk/Thought Control
  • Workshop #3: Imagery, Relaxation Techniques/Energy Management, Routines & Plans

Josh Abel is a professional member of the Canadian Sport Psychology Association, a service provider through the Canadian Sport Institute – Ontario, and has taught sport psychology at Sheridan College.
Josh has worked with athletes and performing artists of all skill levels in a wide range of sport and performance domains. Specifically, Josh has worked with Olympic swimmers and figure skaters, national canoe and kayak team members and elite amateur golfers. Josh has also worked with competitive table tennis athletes, mixed martial artists, triathletes and live theatre performers.
Josh obtained his master’s degree from the University of Ottawa where he specialized in applied sport and exercise psychology.

Boy those kick sets are killing me and I don’t have a kick board!  Well….


It’s time you invest in a kick board and a pull buoy.  The kick sets aren’t going away. Your strong legs will push you along in a race when all else is failing.  Gators receive a discount at Omni Swim Store at 1085 Bellamy Road N in Scarborough.  Remember to label your equipment!


Ian has destroyed the $100.00 Pentathlon cheques.

I am on vacation from Saturday, February 8 – 18th.  I will not send out group emails.  Please keep yourself informed on Facebook and the website.

I’m not gone yet!  I will see you at the pool and the pub tonight!

All the best,
Heather Bruce
Swimmer’s Liaison

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