Gator News Update: July 25, 2014

July 25th, 2014 | Posted by Swim Gators Webmaster in Gator-only Notices


Lots of important news for you, so please take the time to read this email….


There is a possibility that the postdated cheques that were submitted last week for pre-registration for the 2014-2015 season have been cashed.  The bank was supposed to hold them until September but it has been brought to our attention by a member that his cheque was cashed yesterday.  The money would go to the Gators account so you would have paid for the upcoming season now instead of on September 1st.  If this has happened to you and you would like a refund, please let me know asap.


We are so lucky!  Take a look at your August calendar.  In addition to Steve and Judie, Sabrina, Joe and Nick will be on deck filling in for the week of Worlds.  Many of us have been coached by Sabrina, I sent her bio out last week for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of meeting her.  Some have met Joe and who is Nick?  Joe and Nick are certified swim coaches with Swim Canada and have fantastic reputations in the world of swimming. Below is a little bit about them.  We welcome any kind of feedback about any of the coaching in August or for the past season, please do not hesitate to speak to a member of the Executive Committee or send an email to any one of us.
Joe Mwaura Kimani: “Joe started competing at age 5 and started Masters swimming with McGill Masters in 2000. A McGill masters coaches suggested trying out for the McGill University varsity swim team and eventually Joe ended up swimming for McGill University for 5 swim seasons between 2001 and 2010.

Joe also represented his native Kenya at 2 World Championships, in Indianapolis (2004) and Montreal (2005).
Joe started coaching as a hobby helping swimmers improve technique and prepare for varsity swim team tryouts. Eventually, he started coaching masters teams since February 2012.  He currently holds a NCCP Level 1 (certified), NLS and Standard First Aid certification and is working on completing NCCP Level 2 certification. He currently works as a Business Systems Support Analyst at Bell Media.”

Nick Chasovskykh: “I have been a competitive swimmer for 22 years now. First – in the Ukrainian Junior National team until age 20 then moved to Canada and started to compete in age group categories. I have been coaching for 18 month and it is becoming a huge passion of mine. My coaching philosophy: Championing a person`s life through a competitive swimming. I focus on perfecting swimming essentials based on 80/20 rule and racing with your inner best as an ultimate competitor.” 🙂


Because it is the summer holidays and because many members of the Gators will be away in Montreal, we would like to invite Saturday and Sunday swimmers to the Tuesday, August  5 and Thursday, August 7th workouts at AY Jackson.  You may choose to come to the early, 8:00, or late, 9:00,  practice. Keep in mind, the late practice will have much more space in the lanes.  Joe will be on deck and he will shift the lanes accordingly.


Attached is a list of who is swimming what events at Worlds.  Please take the time to wish the Worlds swimmers well.  It’s going to be a fun week of fast swimming.


I will bring both latex ($5.00) and silicone ($10.00) Gators caps to the pool for the next few practices if anyone would like to purchase one.


All the best,

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