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December 3rd, 2009 | Posted by Swim Gators Webmaster in Gator News

A heartfelt congratulations to Let’s Make Waves and SOS Pool Supporters!

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!  You voted, your friends and family voted, and SOS Sink or Swim has made it to the final round of voting for the Aviva competition!!!

From over 2000 entries across Canada, SOS Sink or Swim, was among the top 60 submissions. The Top 25 from this final round go before a panel of judges, who make the ultimate decision how to allocate the funds.

We need to be in the Top 25.  By voting, you’re telling Canada that pools matter. Pools are not dispensable. Swimming is a fundamental life skill and all residents of our community, rich or poor, should have the opportunity to learn how to swim.


And so begins Day 1 in the final round of the Aviva competition. Top Prize: $250,000 and the satisfaction of knowing we’re keeping our pools open. How committed are you? This round tests our mettle and community passion for pools. Please, pass
the message on to anyone who appreciates the role pools play in our community.

And vote. Vote daily and remind your friends to vote daily! If you can’t vote at the office because of your firewall then remember to vote from home.


Here’s your personal action plan:

1.    Vote daily between December 2nd and December 16th.
2.    Add a comment so Aviva judges can see how passionate we are about keeping accessible pools in our communities.

3.    Forward this email to your email network of contacts and encourage them to vote too

4.    Consider making a video and post it to YouTube (makes a bigger splash!!)

5.    Join the Facebook group OFFICIAL PETITION TO STOP THE CLOSURE OF TORONTO SCHOOL POOLS and make sure you update your status with  the Aviva link so all your friends know to vote.

6.    If you use Twitter, post the Aviva link there as well.

We’ll continue to keep in touch between now and the end of the competition on  December 16, to let you know how the SOS campaign is progressing.

Thanks again for all your amazing support and let’s send a positive message that we support each other and we support our pools!

Let’s Make Waves is a volunteer, non-partisan coalition of parents, students, concerned citizens, and members of not-for-profit sports organizations from across the city of Toronto united by a common interest to advocate for swimming pools in Toronto schools and for aquatic recreation for all residents of Toronto. Visit us at www.letsmakewaves.ca

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