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October 27th, 2015 | Posted by Swim Gators Webmaster in Coach's Corner

Cycle 3: 3 Weeks

“Gain Endurance- Maintain Technique”

Date: Week of Oct 26th – Week of Nov 9th

Focus: 30% Technique: Focus on holding technique as length of training increases

70% Training: Push off base, get ready for Monster Cycle 1 by increasing mileage and Intensity.


Cycle 4: 3 Weeks

“Monster Cycle 1”

Date: Week of Nov 16th – Week of Nov 30th

Focus: 15% Technique: keep reviewing technique

85% Training: Monster Cycle is the main cycle for Endurance, Peak in Mileage per practice.

Hello Gators! As some of you may remember, we have now finished the first two cycles of the season. Those first cycles were meant to get to know each other, measure your abilities, and to introduce all the technique, and drills that I’ll be talking about the whole season. During those cycles, I did not pay attention to things like mileage or pace times too much, I was more concerned about whether my message about technique was getting through. I have to say we did really well. Coaches all want the same things, but most times we have such different ways of saying it that we might as well be speaking other languages, I hope that we have now a basic understanding of my little language. Going into the next 6 weeks we’ll be transferring our focus from drill-heavy practices into mileage per practice/ per week. However, this does not mean that we won’t be worrying about technique anymore, and I’ll explain how the Cycles will work from now on. Each microcycle lasts 3 weeks, the macrocycle lasts usually a multiple of 3. The macrocycle we are going in lasts 6 weeks, it’s our endurance cycle, meant to really build a strong endurance base. Within this Macrocycle we have two Microcycles each of which lasts 3 weeks. The microcycle is meant to give variety, to give an opportunity to review technique, and to rest and recover. The first week of the microcycle is always focused on reviewing technique. Although less than during technique focused cycles, this week is when I’ll readdress any technique issues that I notice during the previous three weeks. The second week is meant as a build up week, the focus there goes away from technique and into building up to whatever the focus is for that cycle, in this case: endurance. The third week is where we try to perform our best, if the focus is endurance then that’s the week where we’ll peak. Note: Cycle 4 is the first Monster Cycle of the year. These will be the weeks where we try to hit really big sets, and really peak in mileage per practice. During these weeks we’ll try to keep the review of technique to a minimum and really get going almost as soon as we get in the water, I hope everyone is ready! (If you are not then you will be by the time we get there!) Guillermo

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