Message from our Simmer’s Liaison

March 1st, 2016 | Posted by Swim Gators Webmaster in Gator News

Dear Gators,

 We had a fun meet at Thornhill! Ralph, Kelly, Wayne, Dan, Scott, John, Menashe and I were all there swimming fast (or trying to!) with Guillermo cheering, timing, predicting and advising. Despite goggle mishaps and misplaced cell phones there were great races, faun relays, ribbons won (lots by some!), personal bests and perfect splits. Great food and friendly swimmers too. What more can you ask? If you have any questions or concerns about competing please ask any of us or Guillermo.

 It was a nice warm up for Provincials April 1-3 and we can report that the pool is perfect there and it’s going to be another tremendous meet. Register here:

 The website for Nationals in Etobicoke (May 20-23rd) is now up and running here:

 We are so lucky that both of these meets are close to home. Doesn’t happen very often!

 Meanwhile, we will all be working hard in the pool.

 Don’t forget GNO this Thursday after practice. Get to know your fellow Gators with their clothes on!

 See you there!



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