NYMAC EC Minutes: Jan 2016

February 24th, 2016 | Posted by Swim Gators Webmaster in Gator-only Notices

Sunday January 24, 2016


EC meeting


Present: Ralph Reiper, Lynn Hornacek, Seth Cole, Peter Aung Thin, Philip Mindorff

Regrets: Kelly Lyons


  1. Douglas Snow


-closed January 3

-person with key didn’t show up

-lifeguard did

-club will get a credit or refund


  1. Finances


-DSAC-paid 1 lump sum annually

-AY paid until January

-still have to pay Feb-June

-should end June at break even or better

-doesn’t include summer expenses

-Pentathlon made a profit, improvement over last year

-gift from Adrienne and Scotia Bank


  1. Pentathlon


-looking into meet manager registration

-revise food list-more equitable, clarity

-expectations of members

-a meet manager binder

-booked for Dec 11 next year

-access to food room earlier

-new stop watches for starters?


  1. Fees


– prorated effective Jan. 1

-$300 1st session, 260 additional sessions plus MSO fee

-$280 Mar/Apr

-$260 May June


  1. Miscellaneous


-need of a registrar

-how to increase membership-sub committee


-fees for next year


Next meeting Sunday March 6, 9:45 am at ???

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