NYMAC EC Minutes: Oct, 2015

February 24th, 2016 | Posted by Swim Gators Webmaster in Gator-only Notices

Sunday October 4, 2015

EC meeting

Present: Ralph Reiper, Kelly Lyons, Lynn Hornacek, Seth Cole, Peter Aung Thin, Guillermo Toro, Philip Mindorff

Review Agenda

1.Pentathlon update

Need some officials

NYAC to get starter

Set up by us upstairs

Ensure they set up bulkhead

36 registered

Dec 4 cut off

Sending email to Toronto clubs to push

Email blast reminding our members of their role

1.Coaches Report

Coaching plan in place

Sending out of emails

Working to accommodate all styles

Different coaching adults vs. children

Time trial at Snow on December 20th

Max 10 heats 100s and 50s

Focus meets

Alderwood-Jan 17

Thornhill-Feb 28

Provincials-April 1

Nationals-May 20-23

Dual meet/time trial-June

Guillermo will put together an email about meets and why to compete

MSO registration is underway


  1. Financial update

Peter will send last season’s statement

Projections for this year will be sent

Better the expected but still a deficit

Change the way discounts are given next year

All swimmers will welcomed back

Pro-rated fees start in January

Peter will send executive salary


  1. Club Registration

Email former members (done)

Refund Kate’s membership Tues and Thursday due to illness

Ralph will reach out for a new registrar


  1. Other businessEmergency list will be given t each coach for each session
  2. Leftover wine from wine and cheese will be given to officials at Pentathlon


  1. Marketing

Peter will contact triathlon clubs

Social media will be ramped up

Give out flyers-clinics, bike shops, etc.

Ads? (Lynn)

Former Gators emails


  1. Contingency Plan
  2. Branksome-Peter will let them know to hold in case of strike

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