NYMAC Executive Committee Minutes: March 2014

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NYMAC Executive Committee Meeting – March 2, 2014

Meeting called to order 9.30am.


Taina Wilson TW
Ian Stuart IS
Elissa Gelleny EG
Heather Bruce HB
Stephen Forsey SF
Judie Oliver JO
Laurence Alexander LA

Treasurer’s report

IS reported that we now have 70 members , which means we are 87.5% full. Early group is full. 9 spaces available in late group, 1 space on Sundays.
SF suggested that up to five more spots be made available for Sunday as he felt that a number of the Saturday swimmers may be interested in joining Sunday’s group and might eventually become full members next season.This was unanimously agreed and HB undertook to ensure this did not conflict with any club rules.
IS to apply for future permits for AY Jackson , and to investigate permits for summer and March break also. It was discussed that if we wish access to Snow pool before 7am we would incur additional costs.

President’s report

It was suggested that we incorporate a condition of membership that government issued photo ID be provided as part of the membership process. LA undertook to draft such an amendment to the club rules.
It was suggested that we no longer offer “shared memberships”. This was agreed with the proviso that existing shared memberships be honoured and also  that the EC be allowed to vary this in exceptional circumstances.LA undertook to draft such an amendment to the club rules.

Vice President’s report

Negotiations are underway for re-ordering ribbons for the 2014 pentathlon. Depending on quantity discounts and setup charges an order may be placed to cover requirements for up to five years. EG to look in to purchasing up to date Meet Manager program. It is anticipated that this may cost $100-$250.
A meeting to discuss next season’s pentathlon will be held later in the year.
A meeting to discuss the upcoming provincial and World Championships will take place March 23. Topics to include team shirts , carpooling, hotels etc. IS to look into place and time for this. SF mentioned he will not be able to attend.
EG will get Gilden T shirt sizing kit for the March 23 meeting. Pricing estimated to be $15-$20 each. It was suggested that a small Gators decal appear on the front with some wording on the back. The shirts will be red.
An estimate of $24 for production of a 2′ x 3′ banner has been obtained . EG to verify this and check that printing is included.
A discussion on team affiliations for Worlds took place. A composite team for some Ontario swimmers “TOMS ” will be formed .
Anecdotally Aurora, North Toronto, and Thornhill will not be participating in TOMS.
SF to see if Techno Sport are also swimming under their own name. Swimmers can either swim with their own club or with TOMS but not both. TOMS will be having relay teams and any swimmers who swim in a TOMS relay will swim individual events under TOMS also. JO stated that she would be swimming with TOMS and TW may also  swim with TOMS..
It was brought up that there may be a limitation to the number of relays any club may enter. EG stated that she had some international swimmers who may wish to swim with our club and participate in our relays. There is probably a points system for individual clubs competing.

Swimmers’ Liaison report

HB reports that coaches wish to continue Saturday sessions, and that another coach has been approached to fill in when SF and JO are not available. HB to look into demand for spring Saturday sessions. Current session runs till April 5.
It was noted that March 14 is deadline for relay entries for provincials. It was also mentioned that some swimmers do not wish to taper for all three upcoming major meets. SF undertook to speak with concerned swimmers.
The ALL OUT meet is sold out for 800m.
Ski Day and party were most successful. Next year’s date to be selected to avoid family day holiday weekend.
The reducing numbers for the bike and cottage days were noted and it was agreed to discuss this at next AGM.
Meeting was closed at 10.30am.

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