NYMAC Executive Committee Minutes: November 2014

November 8th, 2014 | Posted by Swim Gators Webmaster in Gator-only Notices

Minutes of EC Meeting Nov 2 2014

Call to order 9.30.
Present Taina Wilson (TW) Ian Cule (IC) Heather Bruce (HB) Laurence Alexander (LA) Elissa Gelleny (EG)


We have 67 unique members , some being both Saturday and full time .There are 11 Sunday only swimmers. Projected income as membership stands is $34,000 compared with full year income last year of $41,000. The current due payment for pool rentals was delivered today.


Coach Steve had intimated he would be unable to attend today to present his coaching plan. Monday evening Nov 10th at 7.30 pm being agreeable to EC will be suggested as an alternative.
Coach Judie had asked that it be minuted that she would have preferred to do more stroke/technique work at this morning’s workout.
 TW & LA to attend  quarterly feedback session with coach Steve at a mutually agreeable date.


This was felt to be a great success on all fronts and this was in no small way due to our generous and gracious hosts.  , We will have another such event next year.  The income of about $500 was expended though about 12 bottles of wine are left over and will be used for gifts to officials etc at the Pentathlon.
 It was agreed that future events involving income and/or expense be reported in detail to the treasurer in order that they may be reflected in our accounts.


Adrienne M has offered to arrange a brunch on Sunday 14TH December  following following Sunday practice  at Novotel adjacent to the pool.


A previous survey of swimmers  in 2008 had 42 responses. It was decided to operate another survey to be carried out in January. HB & TW will develop the questions , LA to tabulate results and Kim S will be asked for technical assistance.


HB is in contact with former swimmers and will endeavour to contact them for both feedback and to see if the prorated membership fee as of Jan 1 might appeal.


It was remarked upon that the pool staff at Douglas Snow had been exceptionally helpful.


The Xmas closing of AY pool will mean  no workouts Tuesdays Dec 23 &30 , Thursdays Dec 25 and Jan 1.
IC will look into pool rentals for March break and latter part of June.The possibility of a training camp in the new year will be examined but IC pointed out that extra swims , as membership stands,  will eat further into our reserves.


HB intimated a new meet had been announced for Jan 18th ” New Year Splash ” at U of Toronto. At this time we will not alter our focus meet selection of EOMAC’s Semi-Serious meet, Alderwood and Provincials.


It was confirmed that we will proceed with sports psychologist Josh’s session Nov 9 and costs will be covered by club. Further sessions will be “pay as you go ” with speaker seeking no payment from club.
The nutritionist who previously spoke will be approached to see if she would speak again and a personal trainer , who is a club members will be also approached.


Meet is sanctioned but the 200 open has been deleted. EG will confer with  Kim S regarding notices to coaches of other clubs. Members of EC agreed to sign up for pentathlon as a dry run of the online enrollment system. The gmail address of gatorpentathlon has been obtained and will be maintained for future years.

We have obtained services of main officials for pentathlon. HB to obtain “key” from MSO to allow some of our members to complete strokes and turns course. LA to forward to EG a copy of volunteer sign up sheets to check for outstandings. Qualified persons  will be contacted to see if they will participate as strokes and turns judges.

A pentathlon information sheet including volunteering responsibilities and dress will be posted on website.

A supply of ribbons sufficient for a number of years had been obtained. This will save the club a considerable amount of money. Total cost will be under $500. BELL HEAT prizes to be promoted and collected by LA.

It was agreed to get an up to date “meet manager” computer package  as our existing system is outdated and no longer supported by the supplier. The new package will also allow printing of labels with times to be attached to ribbons. Cost of this package is about $300.

On Nov 30 there will be  readiness session for the Pentathlon immediately after swimming in a room to be rented at Douglas Snow.Among other jobs the arranging of the meet packages, ribbons etc will be done at this time. It is anticipated this will take till lunchtime and this will be a volunteer opportunity particularly suitable for those wishing to compete at pentathlon.. Time permitting there may be an EC meeting also. IC to arrange room rental.

IF possible  an EC meeting will also take place.

Volunteer sign up sheets  to be checked by TW for nonparticipants and to see if food items  and selection are well covered.

There will be no 50/50 draw this year.

It will be verified over coming week that we have sufficient clip boards, stop watches , and safety marshal vests.

LA to ensure there are 10 copies of MSO warm up guidelines available for Nov 30. LA to liaise with contact of EG to arrange left over foods are delivered to an organization helping homeless youth.

Meeting closed 11.45.

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