NYMAC Executive Committee Minutes: October 2014

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Sunday October 5, 2014
Meeting called to order: 10 AM


Taina Wilson (TW), Ian Cule (IC), Heather Bruce (HB) , Judie Oliver (JO) , Laurence Alexander (LA), apologies from Elissa Gelleny (EG) who is delayed en route.

Registration Status:

  • Total: 74
  • Early: 30
  • Late: 16
  • Saturday: 19
  • Sunday: 9

One long standing member was granted a short delay in payment due to family emergency , another member permitted to pay drop in fee for short time then full annual fee without deduction.

Swimmer Liaison

H.  B reported that there had been some feedback from members concerning coaching, the balance between  stroke drill and exercise components of our workouts , and about which lane they should  be swimming in.

It was confirmed that coaches make proper lane assignments .

Probable focus meets will include  the Etobicoke Semi Serious , Alderwood , and Provincial which are in Etobicoke. . JO was asked if she might be available for Semi Serious and consideration will be given to having 2 coaches for Provincials.

The sports psychologist who spoke last year has intimated he is available to us this year. In view of the success of last year’s sessions it was decided that the club will cover the cost for the first session this year and the subsequent sessions will require a fee to be paid by each attendee.

We have the opportunity of a technical session from a renowned breastroke swimmer. IC will look into pool availability .

Kim S has updated website and current registration forms should now be available.

Coach J O reported all was well and that she had received good feedback from some members. The incorporation of more pace times during sets was under way and seems appreciated though some swimmers seem not to be paying sufficient attention to coaches explanations.

Wine and cheese

Will take place Oct 25 7.30-10pm . Adrienne M will collect $10 pp and arrange wine purchase , and  co-ordinate with TW re host gift. Kim Silk will be asked to convey details to Saturday group. The video presented at last wine and cheese will be available for viewing. The EC will take this opportunity to introduce themselves , the Pentathlon, the sign up sheet and the jobs thereon, and the need for bell heat prizes. .


IC confirmed change of cheque signatories was completed and will undertake a reconciliation of membership fees and members’ list.

Douglas Snow (DS) will be unavailable all 4 Sundays in June and also  Dec 21 but we are permitted there till mid August. AY Jackson pool will be closed Xmas break so will be unavailable from Dec 18th but will re open Jan 3 2015.We will also lose March 17 and 19 due to March break.

IC will look into alternatives such as the new Pan Am pool  for some of these dates.

Elissa Gelleny now present.

Consideration will be made as to whether registering as a an incorporated entity would be suitable for the club particularly as being a non profit corporation might offer opportunity to apply for some funding.

A new interac account shall be set up in the club’s name. IC to work with Kim Silk on this.

Vice President 

EG   intimated that the MSO website had been “hacked” and so Pentathlon had not been posted. This has now been corrected and our meet should now appear. Meet package is now ready and will be sent to MSO.  It was decided to offer an optional 200 open event at this year’s Pentathlon at no additional cost to participants and this will be limited to first 42 applicants and  followed by relays if time permits .

There are are couple of meets whose dates coincide with ours. The officials from last year will be contacted to ascertain their availability and immediate search commenced should they already be committed. We will undertake a search to ensure that other positions such as safety , strokes and turns judges etc are sufficiently staffed and if not we will arrange training for our members. It was noted that Lesley Anne has some good contacts in the Officials world.

It is to be emphasized that everyone working the meet should wear white. EG to get a quote on  white dry fit team golf shirts  with club logo.

LA to take left over food etc to a homeless shelter .

LA to ingather bell heat prizes.

LA will take Pentathlon sign up sheets from wine and cheese to subsequent Sunday and both sessions of the next  Tuesday and Thursday workouts and the arrange arrival at the next Saturday practice. It is hoped that we will also be able to post this on web site.

The location of stop watches to be established . We have clip boards and safety vests in hand.

Hedda , Adrienne , and Judy to establish quantities on hand of paper supplies , cups, stir sticks etc to ensure we have sufficient supplies for both wine and cheese  as well as Pentathlon.

Entry fees shall be $45 online ,$50 by mail in , and $55 for deck entries. All Gators who compete will be given a team swimming cap.

Adrienne and Hedda will be in charge of food .

EG will establish jobs descriptions. It is anticipated that timing one session in itself will not be sufficient involvement and that participating in set up or take down shall also be done by timers. People should expect to have at least  4-6 hour involvement. and many will be involved all day.

Those doing sufficient advance work on the Pentathlon shall be given credit .

JO left meeting.

Coaching Discussion

A general discussion on coaching took place. It was decided that we would only have coaches attend meetings if and when coaching matters were to be dealt with and only for that part of the meetings.

It was also decided that going forward the club would not be paying for any courses undertaken by the coaches .

Coach Steve Forsey will be asked to present the overall coaching plan for the year at next EC meeting and also a clear policy regarding the use of swimming aids should be established and implemented.

Coaches will be asked to move swimmers to appropriate lane as required and to continue the process of engaging swimmers at practices.
A discussion on separating the annual  awards from the AGM took place and the general feeling was to implement this and establish a more appropriate occasion. The timing of the AGM being  before the actual year end was also discussed and will be further pursued at future meeting
The meeting was closed at 1.30 pm.

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