Observations on our first week

September 21st, 2015 | Posted by Swim Gators Webmaster in Coach's Corner

First week is done! It was a great first week of training. I am really excited to keep working with everyone; here are a few observations and tips with regards to the practices.

  • Everyone’s doing a great job already. I like the ways the lanes have been split. Use this as encouragement to attend all practices and keep working hard. The people in your lane are your very own training group. Stick together and keep pushing each other to work hard and keep improving.
  • Keep the focus on the right things. Every practice is composed of different sections. Each section has a different skill focus. It is important to respect that focus and make sure you are putting your effort on developing that skill. For example a technique set focuses on technique, an endurance set on endurance, and a speed set focuses on building speed. Overall we were great at this, this week. I especially like that we are trying to limit the use of fins to the fins sets, or when we are really feeling like we need that support. Nobody has been relying on them to get through the entire practice and that is great! (Same goes for the pull buoys)
  • Equipment. The equipment we’ll be using this season: Kick Boards, Pull Buoys, and Fins. Snorkels are optional, but are very useful to develop good technique and I do recommend you get them. You can assume that on every practice we will use at least two out of the three, but most likely we’ll be using all three pieces of equipment every practice.

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