What’s Going On With the Executive!

October 13th, 2015 | Posted by Swim Gators Webmaster in Gator News

Hi Gators,

Welcome to Edition #1 of What’s Going On With the Executive!

Our new swimming season is now well underway and I hope that you are as excited about this season as I am. We already have 55 members signed up and spread across the 4 different practice options including a number of you who have decided to take part in all four sessions and we are getting inquiries from new swimmers all the time.

The Gator Executive (Kelly Lyons – VP, Lynn Hornacek – Swimmer’s Liaison, Seth Cole – Secretary and Peter Aung-Thin – Treasurer and me (Ralph – President) has been very active over the past few months planning for the years ahead and we are trying out a number of new ideas. We know that charting a new direction with our coaching was a big change for the club and the Executive appreciates your support and patience and loyalty.

By now, you will have met our new head coach Guillermo (Billy) Toro and our new assistant coach Ryan Watts. As our club’s head coach, Guillermo has done a great job to define and implement an overall coaching plan for the year ahead. We have been active in the pool learning some new skills, working on technique, building stamina and honing our swimming abilities. Guillermo indicated that there will also be a few time trial sessions throughout the season to help build in check-points and to chart our progress. There is also a new Gator Coach’s Corner on our website where Guillermo will be posting articles, tips, viewpoints and more. In addition, Guillermo has already been active posting on our club Facebook page and Facebook group. We are looking to build out our social media presence further to help increase club awareness and draw new members to the club. Our coaches set their own schedules which can change at the last minute with their other work commitments. As such, providing a calendar describing who will be coaching a specific practice is not practical. Guillermo will coach the majority of Tuesday and Thursday practices along with some weekend practices and Ryan will be on deck on Saturdays and Sundays. The calendar for October listing club activities is attached.

The Executive has discussed and defined a few other ideas to help us further build our membership base. This includes contacting past Gators to re-establish a connection and encourage them to drop in again for a swim. We will also place an advertisement in the City of Toronto Fun Guide and Peter will be contacting GTA area triathlon and cycling clubs to promote our club and attract new potential Gators.

We are always looking for new swimmers and you can help with these efforts too. So feel free to “talk up the Gators” and encourage your friends, colleagues, family and others to come on out for a free trial practice. As a small incentive for members to help in this regard: for any new member that you bring into the club who subsequently registers, you will receive a $10 Second Cup gift card. So get out your own Gator megaphones!

We encourage members to check out the club website (www.swimgators.com) regularly to see what has changed. There have been a number of updates made over the past while and Martina has volunteered to administer and maintain content. Please check out and like our Facebook page – it is our new public face on Facebook.

The club is now offering members the option to join one of the other practices on a per/practice basis. For members who are already signed up with one of our regular Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday or Sunday options who would like to “drop-in” to another practice, you can now pay $15/practice. If you decide that you want to sign up for this new practice option, the club will credit your “drop-in” fees towards the cost of registering for the additional session.

Okay, that’s enough for now! If you have questions, suggestions, critiques or brain-storms, please reach to one of the coaches or an executive member to share your ideas. And remember, we’re all floating fast in the same direction!

Ralph (on behalf of the Executive)


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